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A collection of images I have found as inspiration for my photography work surrounding baby and child portraiture.

This professional image is lovely as the focus is on her eyes in this close up. The shallow depth of field blurs the girl around the edges - making the image pop out! 
Candid, fun image of a young boy. Lovely tones and good execution. 
This young girls eyes are striking and the execution of this image helps emphasise that!A sharp close up of her face, really pretty - fur hood helps frame her face. 
This is pretty and kept simple but is lovely and so professional! The more i view this image and others, the more inspired and educated i am for ideas, poses, locations and lighting techniques! 
This image is set up quite nice and i like the idea. Something I want to try with my three cousins! 
This image is sweet, and I like the pose and shallow depth of field. But it doesn’t appear to be raining? So perhaps a little PS work would help improve this image. But overall i love it and it has inspired me in terms of ideas for my own work. 
This on location shot of a little girl looks very candid and fun - to get the best expressions. The lighting looks lovely and compliments her light hair quite well! 
This image is a good idea, especially when celebrating a child’s first year! I would have never thought of this but it has given me ideas for my future images! Keaton (my cousin) has not long turnt 2 years old and I think I would perhaps like to attempt this effect with him! 
This image is sweet, it looks like something from a wedding? She looks like a little flower girl and appears so angelic!This adorable portrait taken from a high angle allows to girl to look up to the camera (looking up to the viewer) - which has a powerful effect. She is posed sweetly and the background does not over power the image to distract the viewer’s attention. Her pretty blue eyes and pale soft skin makes her look like a little delicate porcelain doll! And it works effectively for me, I like this and am inspired. 
This image is sweet as the little girl kisses her teddy! Warm tones and shallow depth of field works well to draw our attention to the little girl, and to not get distracted by the background.